Saturday, July 25, 2009

ParaNormal Romance Reviews review of Kelley Heckart's Cat's Curse: Book 1: Dark Goddess Trilogy

Katie Seely said:

"Around page one hundred fifty, the story shifts and the author hit her groove. The tale of these two lovers starts bridging not only their relationship but also the differing religious sects and cultures, adding much needed intrigue. After this point, the pacing greatly improves. Also, the characters become more delineated, fitting better into the story as a whole.

...I ended up loving this book. I cannot wait for more."

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The Long and Short Reviews review of Diane Rogers' "The Journey"

Camellia gave Diane's stirring tale 3 Books.

""D. L. Rogers gives the reader an interesting guide for touring Paris, Venice, and Rome, and reveals cultural differences while creating romances that give new meaning and direction to Rosemary, Joy, and Kristen’s lives."

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Coffee Time Romance Review of Janis Susan May's The Fair Amazon

Maura gave Janis' Regency romance 5 Coffee Cups! Wonderful job, Janis!

"This is the best Regency style historical that I have read in ages. I loved the characters. Georgina is strong and though she has been wronged, she is by no means a door mat. Lady Barnstaple is a force to be reckoned with, not exactly kindly, but she definitely loves her family. Diana is an adventuress, but I almost felt sorry for her, and Trevor definitely inspired mixed and strong emotions. I enjoyed watching him grow up, late as it was. The plot is engrossing and moves quickly, with lots of twists and turns, great dialogue, and vivid descriptions of people and places. Felix Charbonneau is a particularly intriguing enigma in this excellent tale."

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Long and Short Romance Reviews of Jana Richards' Till September

Edelweiss gave Jana's contemporary romance 3.5 Books.

"This story gives a touching view of farm life: its moments of beauty, of belonging, of tradition, its demanding workload, its pressing risks of failure, all punctuated by an overriding love of the land, hence a desire to keep it despite gathering hard times. And the book features well written prose. Parts of the scenes are beautifully rendered, giving us a sense of poignant rural stillness."

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