Saturday, August 15, 2009

eCataRomance review of Maureen Mackey's Grounds For Love

Lettetia gave Maureen's contemporary romance 4 Stars.

"Jenny and Ty are wonderfully drawn characters who feel remarkably like old friends; they have the same day to day struggles you and I have and make the most of what cards are dealt to them. Jenny’s reliance on a savior of a dog is a little over the top sometimes but makes up for it the comedic elements thrown in by author Maureen Mackey. Ty and Jenny share a chemistry that is easily recognizable and sizzles whenever they are together. The emotional connection as Jenny and Ty surrender their fears and the romantic elements when they find love are brilliantly depicted and make Grounds For Love a fine way to spend the afternoon. The mystery of Ralph Ellison has enough twists and turns to keep this reader glued to the pages, waiting to see the revelation. For those who love a great love story, you can’t go wrong with Grounds For Love."

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