Saturday, August 15, 2009

eCataRomance review of Regan Taylor's Indentured Bride: The Bride Series - Books 1

Lettetia gave Regan's historical romance 4 Stars.

"Indentured Bride is a refreshing play on the mail order bride synopsis. Jennifer/Jenna is a personable heroine I immediately felt empathy toward. Her plight is one many readers will identify and sympathize with. She is kind and good natured, caring and passionate, yet wary for all the right reasons. She is a lovely foil for our cynical but luscious lawman. The internal struggles Jenna suffers are realistically presented by author, Regan Taylor and made me a part of her support group from the onset. Brett’s smooth charm and patient manner captured a little of my heart as I got to know him better and the chemistry he has with Jenna is palpable. The prejudice of his past hurt my heart and gives him a vulnerability that makes him a more “human” hero. The undercurrent of danger and waiting “for the other shoe to drop” kept me glued to my seat for the duration of the adventure. A truly reprehensible villain adds that extra element to Indentured Bride to satisfy the mystery lover in all of us."

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