Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Joyfully Reviewed review of Kay Furness' The Reluctant Petruchio

Tanya said:

"I was sucked into The Reluctant Petruchio long before I decided I really needed to learn the definition of the word. I found that it referred not to a definition but to a Shakespearean character who like Ally was reluctantly brought into service to coach a woman, and keep her in line. I loved the spunk that Ms. Furness wrote into Kate’s character, while keeping the types of things that she would try true to the time period. Not only was I drawn right in but the story kept my attention right. I loved how, as usual, the main characters were the last to know what everyone else did, that they were in love with each other. If you love historical romances, as I do, than you will want to pick up The Reluctant Petruchio to add to your collection."

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