Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Joyfully Reviewed review of Maureen Mackey's Grounds For Love

Tanya said:

"Grounds for Love is an interesting concept for a story as it deals with how one incident in someone's life can take over how they deal with everything, while others around them do not completely understand. I found Ms. Mackey did a wonderful job in writing believable characters in both Jenny and Ty. Then there is Baby who is probably the most loveable character in the story, as well as the scariest. Grounds for Love has a number of twists and turns from blackmail, jealousy, attraction, and learning to deal with past issues. Ms. Mackey was able to pull all of these items together and make a fast paced fun to read story that will have you smiling. I enjoyed Grounds for Love and think you too will smile, and even laugh, while reading this story."

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