Saturday, August 8, 2009

Literary Nymphs review of Jane Bierce's Cricket's Moon

Goddess Minx gave Jane's contemporary tale 4 Nymphs.

"Cricket’s Moon is a very different type of story. It’s about one person, with the help of a few others, who is determined to make a positive change in the less fortunate. What Cricket does is not what you would expect of a person who has won millions, and her father is her strongest critic. I was very impressed with her carefully laid out plans to change the way women and men see themselves. After she had received all the death threats, she was still bent on helping others. Cricket’s parents started seeing her in a different light when she began to run the Hazelett Foundation, and I was happy that she found a place for her father to work.

Jane Bierce did a wonderful job of showing what money can do to people, and the selfless way one person goes about providing for those in need. The characters are presented in a very positive way, and the interaction of some of them left me with questions unanswered. I was very happy to see that Cricket not only found a way to share her wealth, but she was able to find true love as well. This is the first book in the Hazelett series and this reviewer is looking forward to the next story."

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