Sunday, August 23, 2009

Long and Short Reviews review of Anna C. Bowling's Orphans In The Storm

Camellia gave Anna's historical romance 4 Books.

"Anna Bowling creates some memorable characters that touch the heart and give the reader pause about the values held near and dear in one’s life. One of these characters is Mawd who weathers the “slings and arrows” of life with strength and courage -- traits she instills in Jonnet. These traits serve Jonnet well when Simon takes her to distant places while furthering the cause of the king. While some of the secondary do little to enhance the story or move the plot along, they do make the reader realize how disrupted lives were at that time in history.

If you enjoy British historical stories and sweet love that withstands tribulation, Orphans in the Storm will waft you away to a time when “a changeling child who haunts the coast like a wraith” becomes important to the restoration of a kingdom."

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