Sunday, August 23, 2009

Long And Short Reviews review of Kay Furness' The Counterfeit Countess

Orchid gave Kay's Regency romance 5 Books! Wonderful job, Kay!

"I have a soft spot for Regency novels and this is one of the best. The hero and heroine travel a roller coaster ride of emotion and humor. Francis is a strong Regency hero who believes himself in charge, but is in reality ruled by the females of his family. Rosalind was a feisty young woman who, as a widow, is not restricted by the strict rules normally accorded to single ladies of that era.

If you like Regency novels, you have to read this one. It’s a book you don’t really want to put down until you get to the last page. I would recommend this to Regency fans and people who are reading this genre for the first time. A must for all!"

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