Sunday, August 23, 2009

Long And Short Reviews review of Lori Shimer's The Oaks Of Lindores

Camellia gave Lori's historical romance 4 Books.

"Lori Shimer uses the mores of the time of Queen Victoria’s reign in England to create a fast-moving account of a young woman who has no rights by law but still finds ways to get what she wants while eluding many pitfalls.

The major secondary characters are well developed and are influential in the outcome of events. Elegant, Doll, Nevin, Rowan, and Francis play important roles in Tammy’s finding a happy-ever-after.

The psychological undercurrents in The Oaks of Lindores, the real needs that drive the characters to do the things they do, reveal some poignant moments in the lives of the major characters.

Lori Shimer’s style of writing makes reading easy and fun – ENJOYABLE."

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