Saturday, August 22, 2009

Manic Readers review of Carole Ann Lee's Banner's Bonus

Susiq2 gave Carole Ann's futuristic tale 5 Stars! Great job, Carole Ann!

"Released in June, Banner’s Bonus, is the first book in a fabulous and sexy new series by Carole Ann Lee. Also just released is the sequel, Solar Wind, which follows in the wake of the wildly popular Banner's Bonus. Banner's Bonus is a huge outer space epic adventure, action filled, with a hot and sexy storyline that will keep the reader riveted to the pages as the story unfolds.

Banner's Bonus is a riveting story filled with laugh-out-loud humor, angst, treachery, danger, hot sex, and handsome brothers and a dad who come to assist when Tressa is captured, and Nick is in need of reliable assistance to safely retrieve Tressa from the danger.

I adore this author's stories. I loved Solar Wind, and was thrilled when I discovered that Ms. Lee is writing a series about this intriguing family who are all heroes as far as I am concerned. Banner's Bonus is a Keeper, and a story that you will remember long after you have finished. Please, Ms. Lee, keep on writing about this family because you have a winning combination of adventure, competent men who know their way around a woman's body, and are willing to die to protect those whom they love. Plan on a wonderful evening’s entertainment while enjoying the fun of this fabulous story."

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