Sunday, August 30, 2009

ParaNormal Romance Reviews review of Elaine Corvidae's Dragon's Son: Lord of Wind and Fire, Book 3

Kelley A. Hartsell said:

"This story is incredible! Beautifully written with vivid imagery and strong plot, Ms. Corvidae once again enchants her readers with her otherworldly tale. She also has incredibly talent for getting to her reader's hearts and emotions. This reviewer laughed, screamed, cheered, and cried throughout this story. Some scenes are so heart- wrenching that one will want to have some tissues on hand for wiping up the tears bound to flow as a result.

The conclusion to this book, and the trilogy, is so incredibly climactic that one will be left breathless when all the dust settles in the final battle. It is shocking, stunning, dramatic, and intense, gripping all of the emotions of the readers tightly in its grasp. Villains finally get what they deserve, and the real heroes shine forth in all their glory. Brilliantly done Ms. Corvidae! No one can read this book and not feel some stirring of emotions. And THAT is the mark of a wonderful storyteller. This reviewer has become a lifelong fan after reading this incredible saga in its entirety."

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