Sunday, August 30, 2009

ParaNormal Romance Reviews review of Gracie C. McKeever's Flames Past

Ann Leveille said:

"FLAMES PAST throws together an alcoholic heroine and a hero who is running from his past and gets pure combustion. Sean is a genuinely nice guy, and Echo, though she obviously has her weaknesses, is a spunky, loving heroine. This story is "spiced" up by the fact that the main characters have some ESP -- Echo being empathic/telepathic and Sean and their son Athan are pyrokinetic. These talents are mostly used as flavoring for the character's pasts more than anything else. From the first introduction of Athan we are hoping that he gets to have a real family and Sean and Echo's still-lingering passion for each other is very enjoyable. FLAMES PAST presents a host of interesting and fun characters for the reader, mixes in a little real-life turbulence and comes up with a nice story. This book is recommended for anyone who's looking for a romance with a little less fantasy and a little more humanity."

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