Saturday, August 29, 2009

ParaNormal Romance Reviews review of Cornelia Amiri's The Vixen Princess

Chere Gruver said:

"VIXEN PRINCESS is a wonderful blend of paranormal and Celtic romance. Cornelia Amiri has done a wonderful job of blending the two together and bringing the Celtic era to life in this wonderful romance. And the fact Mabon is the only one who can interact with the ghost leads to some really funny scenes and misunderstandings because of what Mabon says to Gwydion. I really loved the fact we got to see what happens to the characters from THE FOX PRINCE as well. The time period is realistically portrayed, right down to the battles between the Celts and the Saxons. Cornelia Amiri obviously did her research before ever beginning to write this story. The characters all remain true to themselves, the action is non-stop and I loved Gwydion! This is one Celtic/Paranormal romance I recommend!"

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