Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Romance Studio review of Elaine Corvidae's Wolfkin: Lord of Wind and Fire-Book One

Diane T. gave Elaine's paranormal novel 4.5 Hearts.

"This book tells of a world of magic and wizards, also dragons and a clan of people who can become wolves. But not werewolves as we know them. I enjoyed this book immensely. The love story is so true to some of the problems men and women still face today. Suchen fights for the man she loves, against her brother and any who would hurt him. And for the first time, Yozerf wonders if he can trust a human. Will their love survive the problems they face? This is the first of three books in this saga. The Crow Queen Book 2, and Dragon’s Son Book 3, will continue their story. I definitely plan to get them. This is a wonderfully well-written story and I’m curious to know what happens. I will be watching for more of Elaine Corvidae’s work in the future."

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