Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Romance Review review of Connie Crow's Little Secrets

Pam gave Connie's contemporary tale 4.5 Red Roses.

"Ms. Crow has given us a great story of how love can withstand the test of time and how that love only grows, even when it is buried for years and the two people in love are not together. Little Secrets is a book that will have you thinking that the worse has happened but then something else happens and you wonder when it will all stop. When will all the pain and deception be over with and everyone move on with their lives?

Little Secrets is one book that you will be hard pressed to set down. I know I wanted to finish it in one setting but life interrupted and I couldn’t. The characters of David and Michelle have grown and Ms. Crow lets you see this and the joys of their life. The secondary characters play a major role in the story as well as without David and Michelle, the story would not be nearly as good as it is. This is one story that reminds you that little secrets can cause major problems in the future."

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