Monday, September 7, 2009

A Romance Review review of Jewelann Butler's Tangled Passions

Pam gave Jewelann's historical romance 4 Red Roses.

"Tangled Passions is the first ebook I have read and the first book by Jewelann Butler I have read. I highly enjoyed the story; it has one of my favorite heroes, a Scotsman.

Tangled Passions deals with a very strong love between the hero and heroine, lost love between them, a rekindling of love and romance, a lost memory, a kidnapping and more. Ms. Butler was able to weave a tale of a Scots pride and duty to their country, heritage, family and what is right and wrong. The story ended with me wanting to know more about Connor; he was a great character with his own story to be told. I think actually that Isabelle and Connor both should have their own story and I hope that Jewelann Butler writes a story for them."

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