Monday, September 7, 2009

A Romance Review review of Lynne Connolly's Vanessa

Veronica gave Lynne's historical romance 5 Red Roses! Excellent!

"What’s wonderful about Vanessa are the characters. (Well, and the romance, of course!) They’re very well developed and bring a sense of reality to the story – it’s what one imagines English people to be during the Regency period. The secondary characters support the main protagonists very well; each had a purpose to the story and romance. Vanessa’s romance itself is also very well done – marriage is a tricky thing between virtual strangers, not to mention one without love, or passion, at the very least, a situation that is hard to imagine in these modern times. But as I mentioned, Ms. Connolly does the intricate courtship very well and, although I quite liked Vanessa, I was impatient to see how she would come about her decision...

Vanessa stands above the rest of the regency romances that are out there, so it’s not a hardship to recommend it."

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