Monday, September 7, 2009

A Romance Review review of Michaela August's Sweeter Than Wine

Ronica gave Michaela's novel 4.5 Red Roses.

"Sweeter Than Wine, is a riveting story of second chances in life and love. I enjoyed this story, Alice's determination to be a good business woman was admirable, while I was reading about her learning the wine making business I was thinking `You Go, Girl`! I thought Siegfried was very sexy and imagined what his accent sounded like. All I have to say is, I like it! There was one part of the story I was very annoyed with, the fact that Alice was bullied into marriage with Siegfried, by his grandmother Tati who threatened to reveal Alice’s secret. Don’t fret there is a happy ending for both Alice and Siegfried, this is my first read by Ms. August but certainly not my last."

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