Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apex Reviews review of Gracie C. McKeever's Flames Past

Josee Morgan gave Gracie's paranormal novel 5 Stars!

"A priceless jewel from early in her writing career, Flames Past displays the trademark literary excellence for which acclaimed author Gracie C. McKeever has become well known. In it, she seamlessly weaves such topics as love, heartbreak, family dynamics, relationship politics, and, of course, the mercurial workings of the heart, into a well-crafted tale reflective of the multi-faceted tapestry of human experience. Despite their God-given “unique” abilities, Sean and Echo are nonetheless flesh-and-blood beings prone to the same feelings and inclinations as us all, and their individual and collective struggles present the reader with a realistic snapshot of the difficulties we all face when confronted with both natural and supernatural challenges.

Also, in her signature fashion, McKeever embodies her characters with the same full-on, lifelike qualities as all the players in her ever-growing body of writings. In so doing, she prevents the reader from reaching snap judgments about any one in particular – and even manages to evoke feelings of sympathy and compassion for the supposed “bad guys” of the tale.

Compelling and enlightening, Flames Past is an excellent introduction to what has become a long, outstanding career of one superlative tale after another. Kudos to McKeever for continuing to provide readers worldwide with stories guaranteed to keep them hooked from beginning to end. Highly recommended."

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