Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bitten By Books review of Carrie S. Masek's Twice Damned

Jennifer gave Carrie's vampire novel 5 Tombstones! Excellent!

"The book moves slowly, with descriptions that make it entirely realistic. There is no blind acceptance of the preternatural status quo from our heroine, and the setting’s Utopian, yet stark 2014 lends an even more believable touch. The slight offset of years from the present gave the author room to work without provoking a “but that isn’t how things are!” reaction.

The characters are possibly the most well-developed in any paranormal book I’ve read; they’re realistic and emotional, and sympathetic without contrived flaws simply to show that they’re “real”. Ritter and Faith need no help establishing them through such devices.

Utterly stunning, with tender touches and a fantastic storyline. I honestly could not put this book down."

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