Monday, September 7, 2009

Bitten By Books review of Robert L. Hecker's The Angelic Prophecy

Virginia gave Robert's novel 4.5 Tombstones.

"I give this book 4 1/2 tombstones. I’ve enjoyed Frank Peretti’s works for years and I must say that this book ranks right up there with them. I haven’t sat down in a good long while and enjoyed a Christian novel. The Angelic Prophecy was well written and worth reading. The author did his homework and I think the he does a great job of mentioning the biblical references and making the reader familiar with the subject of prophecy, the Antichrist and the devil throughout the book. This book takes a different approach to the story of the Antichrist than the familiar Left Behind series and I found that refreshing. I also enjoyed the fact that while there was a hint of a love story in the book that it didn’t overwhelm the main plot line. And being a Christian novel, there is no adult content to be found, which may be slightly surprising considering Michael came from a rock star background. I look forward to reading more from Mr. Hecker in the future. If you enjoy reading a good novel of good vs evil that has Christian overtones, then I highly recommend this book."

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