Sunday, September 13, 2009

Romance Reviews Today review of Ann Tracy Marr's Thwarting Magic

Jane Bowers said:

"The publication of THWARTING MAGIC follows that of Ms. Marr's ROUND TABLE MAGICIAN of a year ago, but it's really a prequel that takes place earlier in time and introduces some of the characters featured in the first book. Ms. Marr's storyworld reflects true historical events, but with a twist. Both titles are highly original and fun and can be read in either order. THWARTING MAGIC can be downloaded from the publisher now and will be available in print from

Best of all, there are still young, single mages with stories to tell. If Georgette Heyer were still with us, I'd like to think she'd approve of this alternate Regency. She loved her cant and would have enjoyed the mild Arthurian-flavored oaths."

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