Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Romance Studio review of Connie Keenan's Fascination

Brenda Talley gave Connie's most recent release 4.5 Hearts.

"Connie Keenan is a new author to me. I found this book refreshing to read about a couple who, after the age of forty, still could have feelings for, and fall in love with, someone. This book also emphasized that a couple does not have to be making lots of money to be happy. These characters were so ‘real-world’ to me—people who chose to do something out of the ordinary and still be successful.

There were some extraordinary people who interacted with this main couple. This book showed ordinary people doing mundane things and it was acceptable. Though the two main characters were from opposite ends of the financial spectrum, they were both doing what made them happiest. The ending was amazing.

This book was romantic but is a book for anyone. I recommend it to all."

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