Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Xicanti review of Michelle Scott's The Dragons of Hazlett

Stella Matutina gave Michelle's paranormal novel 3.5 Stars.

"Scott does a wonderful job of making the worldbuilding an essential part of the mystery. She employs a standard Magicians-over-commoners structure, but the setting itself is atypical. It feels more Victorian than medieval, and there's a clear divide between magic and technology. Magic is the norm; technology is considered occult. Even simple machines like wheels are works very well in the broad terms found here, and it generates some great tension between the characters.

And the worldbuilding is in no way extraneous; the mystery itself depends on the characters' reactions to the new technologies the commoners have begun using. It all comes together very well indeed. Add in characters with their own hurdles to overcome and you've got a fun, compelling read.

...I got a big kick out of this. I was always eager to read on, and I'd certainly be up for sequels."

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