Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Gotta Read Reviews review of Danielle Thorne's Turtle Soup

Jennifer said Danielle's romance is a novel You Gotta Read! Great job, Danielle!

"I thought this was such a sweet story. A story of love lost and the ability to find love again. Both Jack and Sara have lost significant people in their lives due to death, and that makes for a hard story to write. I think Ms. Thorne found the right mix of detail without harping on the sadness of the deaths. I enjoyed all the tension between Jack and Sara. They really can't stand each other at the beginning, but Sara learns to trust him. Ms. Thorne does a great job writing, and giving the characters a life of their own. I really liked the depth of Jack. He has to learn to open up and trust again too. I liked using sea turtle research as Jack's passion."

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