Thursday, December 10, 2009

Long and Short Romance Reviews review of Janis Susan May's The Fair Amazon

Camellia gave this historical romance novel 4 Books.

"Janis Susan May’s delightful handling of Regency’s unique language and phraseology makes THE FAIR AMAZON sparkle. With intrigue, suspense, and humor, she slips the reader into that time in English history when dress, social functions, to see and be seen with the “right” people were of the utmost importance.

Ms. May’s tangling and then untangling the plot makes a tantalizing tale that keeps a grip on the reader to the very last page.

Regency readers will recognize the elements often used for story set in that time, but Georgina Montcalm’s story has its own special twists and turns that make it hum with undercurrents and unrequited emotions that are captivating."

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