Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Miss Lynn's Books & More review of Gail Pallotta's Love Turns The Tide

Miss Lynn gave Gail's inspirational romance 5+ Stars! Way to go!

"This was an excellent story with three main characters that grown on your right from the beginning, Cammie, Angie and Vic...There is just enough suspense to the story to keep the reader turning the pages when someone has made it a point to vandalize Angie and Cammie's condos...When I started reading this newest book of Gail Pollotta's, I didn't stop till I had it finished. I feel the Bible verses were written into the story line very well reflecting on her thoughts about judging, faith and her prayers, without making the book preachy. The cover of the book is beautiful, simple but relates to the story. The characters are well defined and I feel like this book has a wide appeal, and can be accepted by many types of readers. It was interesting and a real pleasure to read."

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