Saturday, April 17, 2010

Classic Romance Revival review of Maggi Andersen's Rules of Conduct

Melissa gave this Regency romance 5 Wings! Way to go, Maggi!

"I loved this story! Rare for me to give a whole hearted 5 Wings to Regencies but to Rules of Conduct I do, with a fun, fast-paced plot line that has more than one "Oh" moment and engaging characters that make you care for how their lives turn out. The twists and turns in this plot line cause for more than one climatic point that leads you into the next one as you flip pages. Ms. Andersen has penned a winner here, and I for one will be looking for her next book. She writes Regencies with style and joy and treats the rules of conduct with a light hand that makes you laugh and cry. The book flows into its final happy ever after with a gentle stop that fills every expectation from the start of the book."

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