Monday, November 29, 2010

Elisa Rolle review of Susan Roebuck's Perfect Score

Elisa wrote:

"Perfect Score is a mix of a lot of themes, but in a way it's a story all of its own...The author uses 2 points of view, Alex and Sam's, and she is so good in doing so that they are completely different writing styles, as Alex and Sam are completely different men...The story is set in the '60 and '70 and even if it's a gay romance, or better, since it's a gay romance, the author had to take some turns in the plot that maybe the most romantic readers will not like. But thinking at the time, it was the only possilbe outcome; enough to say that she donated the only possible happily ever after to her characters, and if in the end they are together, what they had to go through to arrive to that was worth it."

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