Friday, January 7, 2011

Long and Short Romance Reviews review of Michelle L. Levigne's The Wolf That Was

Lily called this novel a reviewer's Best Book! Excellent!

"Have you ever read a book that isn't really the genre you like best, but you'll give it your best try, only to find it's fabulous and can't put it down? I did and it's called The Wolf That Was. Ms. Levigne is gifted with an imagination that she has no problem conveying into an easy flowing, yet complex, story. The reader is immediately drawn into an imaginary but magical world and to the main character, Tirian, who believes that she has no magic despite being the daughter of a wise woman filled to the brim with magic...The author's descriptive powers are honed to perfection when all she needs to say about a character is that he "hid inside a deep purple cloak like clotted blood" and the reader knows just what this one is up to...The Wolf That Was will appeal to shape-shifter, fantasy-lovers and also to those new to the genre because it is just so well written with profound underlying themes. It was one of those stories you never want to end and so you savor each page slowly so that it doesn't end too quickly. I wish I knew that formula. I wish I were Trilian."