Sunday, January 30, 2011

Night Owl Reviews of Ingela F. Hyatt's Lord of Thieves

Christy Carlyle gave this critically-acclaimed novel 4.5 Stars and called it a Reviewer's Top Pick! Great job!

"Ingela Hyatt's Lord of Thieves is a passionate retelling of the classic Robin Hood story...One of the best aspects of the novel is that it is a true romance with a spotlight continually focused on the love between Robyn and Merrion. It manages to balance its other appealing elements of intrigue, mystery, and adventure without ever diminishing its focus on the intense attraction and love between the hero and heroine...Ingela Hyatt deftly recreates the history of the medieval era of Robin Hood and brings Greenwood (think Sherwood Forest) alive with familiar characters as well as new. The romance between Merrion and Robyn is the story's heart, yet the novel's other characters are intriguing and colorful, adding to rather than detracting from its swift pace. Thankfully, Ms. Hyatt has not just retold the same old Robin Hood story, she has invested the tale with interesting new characters and brought fresh focus to the passionate romance between Robyn and Merrion."

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