Sunday, January 30, 2011

Night Owl Reviews review of Susan Roebuck's Perfect Score

Talina gave this M/M historical romance 4 Stars.

"The author did a wonderful job bringing both topics to light while not chocking the reader on her view point. Which was very refreshing might I add. The plot is riddleed wiht many obstacles for both Sam and Alex to overcome and by the end of the book all the plot threads and story questions were answered, leaving the story on a satisfactory note...A very thought-provoking story. I'll leave the plot twists to you to discover...I thought the author's writing style unique and strong...I am glad I took a chance on Ms. Roebuck's Perfect Score. She took two very difficult topics, threw in a deeper topic of which you will read about with Alex's uncle and delivered a unique, yet very good tale."

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