Monday, February 14, 2011

Nights and Weekends review of Debra Tash's Dead Lawyers

Margaret Marr wrote:

"I love it when I discover a book that makes me laugh so hard that my dog rolls his eyes toward me, as if to say, Okay, you're starting to freak me out. And Dead Lawyers did just that. Author Debra Tash has an extraordinary sense of humor and a one-of-a-kind style that you don't want to miss...With its fast pace and mesmeric plot, Dead Lawyers is a hilarious and suspenseful read that's full of emotion...I love this author's off-the-wall style--and the way she describes smells, sounds, and objects in Dead Lawyers is truly a delight to experience...If you crave a story that will make you laugh out loud every few pages, then this novel is the perfect choice. I give Dead Lawyers the highest of recommendations. You simply must read it!"

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