Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fallen Angel Reviews review of Pepper Smith's Reef Runner: A Patty O'Donnell Mystery

Tammy gave this Patty O'Donnell installment 5 Angels and called it a Recommended Read! Way to go!

"This book was a great adventure with an exciting plot line that flowed very smooth and easy. The characters throughout this story were highly developed, detailed, and completely fascinating. I thought that the locations in Reef Runner were very descriptive and stunning. They had me wishing for a sandy beach and an exotic drink. I enjoyed this story immensely and thought that the author did a great job of conveying Patty's strength and frustrations. This was the first Patty O'Donnell adventure that I have read and I truly cannot wait to go back and read each one in this series. I think that Reef Runner is a book not to be missed, so I'm giving it 5 Angels and a Recommended Read."

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