Saturday, April 23, 2011

Romance Junkies review of Pepper Smith's Reef Runner: A Patty O'Donnell Mystery

Billie Jo gave this suspenseful tale 4.5 Blue Ribbons.

"Reef Runner is another awesome suspense story penned by the very talented Pepper Smith. Ms. Smith draws her readers in with her vivid imagery, charismatic characters and an edgy storyline that will keep you on the rim of your seat. I did not put Reef Runner down until I turned the last page. I was completely captivated by the suspense and the desire to see how the tale would end. I absolutely love the character of Patty. She is strong-willed, adaptable to any situation and her sense of right and wrong is commendable. I also commend her commitment to her family and the unwavering love she has for her husband. The secondary characters are just as compelling as the main characters. I am anxiously waiting for more of Ms. Smith's work."

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