Saturday, May 21, 2011

Speak Its Name review of Susan Roebuck's Perfect Score

Erastes wrote:

"I am going to enthuse. This--I know from people who complain that I'm too critical--is a rare thing, but I was so impressed by this debut novel I can't not...I consider it a must read and it has my highest recommendation...for a debut novel this is very, very impressive writing...There aren't many books in this genre of ours that have me mulling over them after I've closed the book, but this really got under my skin and it's been eating away at me in the same way that "The Catch Trap" or "Brokeback Mountain" did. Don't miss this, because you'll miss a real treat. I can't imagine what Ms. Roebuck will come up with next, but I'll be first in line."

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