Sunday, June 26, 2011

My words and pages review of Sarah-Jane Lehoux's Thief

Melissa recommends this fantasy novel! Awesome!

"Do you like fantasy? Thieves? Go pick this one up! Such character connection here...I didn't realize I was so attached with Sevy and her love until the end. I have to say I shed a few tears for them, and I don't do that. I'm not one to cry when reading a book. But this author did what I wanted her to do, yet desperately didn't want to see at the same time. I loved it!..Oh, I soooo enjoyed this read. I even already ordered up the second book for me, Shades of War. I'm really looking forward to getting more of this broken girl Sevy."

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Long and Short of It Romance Reviews review of Skyla Dawn Cameron's Bloodlines

Jasmine gave Skyla's paranormal tale the Best Book rating! Excellent!

"Zara's humor and attitude throughout the entire book is hilarious and this character just jumps right off the page. Her thoughts and speech patters are so real that she seems like a friend talking to you. Nate is hot and sexy, in a silent, broody kind of way with more of his character being revealed gradually. The ending of this book was left wide open for a sequel and you will, without a doubt, look forward to seeing these characters in future books. The history and origin that the author gives the vampires is completely unique to this story and very interesting...If you like paranormal romances, and especially if you enjoy larger than life heroines, you need to check out this book. With demons, witches, warlocks, vampires (the only (thing) missing is a shifter!) and lots of laugh out loud moments, this is a very fun read."
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Night Owl Reviews review of Pepper Smith's Reef Runner: A Patty O'Donnell Mystery

PaulineMichael gave this Patty O'Donnell Mystery installment 3.75 Stars.

"Just when you think there is no possible way Patty O'Donnell can land into bigger trouble than her last adventure Pepper Smith proves you wrong. This is another enjoyable cozy mystery right in line with the previous Patty books. Pepper Smith once again takes readers to a beautiful and exotic location...The "bad guys" are wonderful characters and each was so fully developed that I couldn't help but feel a connection with them whether they instilled good feelings or bad...Once again I felt like I not only enjoyed the book but that I gained knowledge on new subjects...As always I find myself wondering just what our leading lady will get up to in her next adventure, and I cannot wait to find out."

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The WM Review Connection review of Susan Roebuck's Perfect Score

Marina DelVecchio recommends this historical M/M read.

"As different as they are, Alex and Sam are like two halves of a glimmering star: they travel on divergent paths, fated to one another...Susan Roebuck does a wonderful job moving the story forward by fastening an edginess to the conflicts each young man faces. This novel is filled with excitement, portraying the complexities of family dynamics, personal responsibilities, moral dilemmas, and fulfilling one's dreams and passions when everyone tells you that it's "wrong"...(Sam's) presence resonates and clings to memory and heart long after the book is finished."

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The Romance Studio review of Frances Pauli's Aspect Ratio

Kathy F. gave this science fiction novel 4 Hearts.

"Aspect Ratio is Book 2 of the series Shift Happens. This is a nice, standalone book...the story really gets moving. I'd call this a fun book because I love the strange guests at the hotel and their particular idiosyncrasies...Frances Pauli created a very strange, but fascinating world of parallels and inter-dimensions that leaves you wondering what is going to show up next. A fun read."

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Long and Short of It Reviews review of Frances Pauli's Aspect Ratio

Aloe gave this out-of-this-world novel a 5 Book review! Wonderful!

"Ms. Pauli has written a many layered fantasy story here. It's sprinkled with humor, has a side of danger, and two of the main characters face a relationship crisis. She has created interdimensional worlds with "aspects"...The author does a very good job of fleshing her world out and getting you interested in her characters. The story moves right along and each page adds another puzzle for the characters to resolve. If you like fantasy and using your imagination, you'll love this story. And the best news? I'm pretty sure Stevie will be back again in another book in this series. I hope to read more about this character and this world. Why not "taste" it for yourself?"

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Rom Fan Reviews review of J.A. Saare's Dead, Undead, or Somewhere In Between

Angie gave this paranormal tale 5 Half-Naked Men rating! Nice job!

"I have to say that I loved this book. Rhiannon is a kick-ass heroine. She's a smart ass, she's tough and can hold her own in a fight...I also love Disco. He's a vampire, he's hot, he's powerful and he's a gentleman...Even the secondary characters in the book are well written. If you like strong, smart mouthed heroines you will enjoy this book and I do highly recommend it. Although, I do need to warn that the ending is a cliff hanger with an unusual twist. I am certainly looking forward to the next book in this series."

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sleepless eReader review of Frances Pauli's The Dimensional Shift

Krista D. Ball Highly Recommends Frances' out-of-this world tale! Excellent!

"...I *loved* this book. Loved it. Laughed and laughed, and laughed some more. And I didn't laugh at it. No, I laughed with it. I thoroughly enjoyed how Pauli took the common "vanilla human meets the aliens" trope and gave the woman a job clean hotel rooms in space/time. That just rocked...Highly recommended."

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Bookmark Your Thoughts review of Skyla Dawn Cameron's Bloodlines

Natasha gave Skyla's paranormal novel 4 Full Moons.

"A dark and gorgeous heroine that will have you enthralled in minutes...The secondary characters are excellent...The chemistry between Zara and Nathan is engrossing. I loved it. When you read this novel you'll think the same thing as I did, which was, "What next?"..I recommend that you check out this novel, asap."

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Night Owl Reviews review of Christine London's Leap of Faith

Karens Romance gave this romance 4 Stars.

"Ms. London's Leap of Faith caught me by surprise in her unique ability to capture the emotions of her characters. I found myself especially drawn to Faith...Leap of Faith is not only about romance but a rare challenge to test the heart and what lies within."

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Kittling Books review of Pepper Smith's Rio Star

Cathy gave this book a rating of A! Awesome!

"Patty O'Donnell is rapidly becoming one of my favorite fictional characters. I love her intelligence, her level-headedness, her courage, and her ingenuity...If you like swift-moving plots, strong, intelligent women characters, a bit of horse racing, and con games, you can't go wrong with Rio Star."

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RT BOOK Reviews review of Pepper Smith's Reef Runner

Sabrina Cooper gave this mystery suspense novel 4 Stars.

"Smith's newest novel featuring unlucky horse trainer Patty O'Dell is a wild ride. While fans will love visiting with old friends, new readers will still be entertained..."

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My words and pages review of Skyla Dawn Cameron's Bloodlines

Melissa wrote:

"Recommendation: Yes!! Wonderful take on vampirism and an action (filled) story with fun comebacks from snarky characters...I will definitely be looking for more of this series and world...I can't wait for these characters again and to see what they have in store for us."

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SFF Chat review of Danielle Ackley-McPhail's Yesterday's Dreams

Esther wrote:

"I liked the descriptions of pulling in the feral magic as a spider's web to weave spells and create protections. I also enjoyed the recounting of the Irish faery tales and traditions and although the book was set in the streets of New York the writing frequently evoked mental images of the Emerald Isle. I found the characterizations strong with many distinct personalities...I think it will be enjoyed by those who like well definied characters and stories based on Celtic magic legends."

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