Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long and Short of It Reviews review of Frances Pauli's Aspect Ratio

Aloe gave this out-of-this-world novel a 5 Book review! Wonderful!

"Ms. Pauli has written a many layered fantasy story here. It's sprinkled with humor, has a side of danger, and two of the main characters face a relationship crisis. She has created interdimensional worlds with "aspects"...The author does a very good job of fleshing her world out and getting you interested in her characters. The story moves right along and each page adds another puzzle for the characters to resolve. If you like fantasy and using your imagination, you'll love this story. And the best news? I'm pretty sure Stevie will be back again in another book in this series. I hope to read more about this character and this world. Why not "taste" it for yourself?"

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