Sunday, June 26, 2011

Night Owl Reviews review of Pepper Smith's Reef Runner: A Patty O'Donnell Mystery

PaulineMichael gave this Patty O'Donnell Mystery installment 3.75 Stars.

"Just when you think there is no possible way Patty O'Donnell can land into bigger trouble than her last adventure Pepper Smith proves you wrong. This is another enjoyable cozy mystery right in line with the previous Patty books. Pepper Smith once again takes readers to a beautiful and exotic location...The "bad guys" are wonderful characters and each was so fully developed that I couldn't help but feel a connection with them whether they instilled good feelings or bad...Once again I felt like I not only enjoyed the book but that I gained knowledge on new subjects...As always I find myself wondering just what our leading lady will get up to in her next adventure, and I cannot wait to find out."

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