Monday, December 26, 2011

The Romance Reviews review of Brenna Lyons' Monsters of Myth

Bridget gave this anthology 4 Stars.

"Though most of these stories aren't romances in the strictest sense of the word, they are brimming with imagination and so hauntingly atmospheric that I tended to forget I was on a train while reading them. Those that do have a romantic or erotic angle are as sizzling, dark and absorbing as one could want--a perfect example is "Becoming a God", which ensured I will never look at emptyy South Boston warehouses the same way ever again...All in all, this is an ideal collection of stories for the coming dark of winter...when the tales are told so well, there is no doubt at all that I'll be keeping an eye out for more of Brenna Lyons' work in the future."

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