Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bitten by Books review of Lori K. Johnson's Legacy of the Bear

Storm gave this stirring novel 4 Tombstones.

"Legacy of the Bear is the third book in the Bearwalker series and Ms. Johnson has really found her voice. The characters are engaging and multi-dimensional and the scenario is believable. She did an outstanding job weaving past and present together (always a tricky writing device). This book was a really enjoyable light read about a unique species, the Bearwalkers."

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Night Owl Reviews review of J.A. Saare's The Renfield Syndrome

Yadkny not only gave this paranormal novel 5 Stars but the story was also called a Reviewer Top Pick! Wonderful!

"By the end I was emotionally wrung out and battle weary over what Rhiannon went through, but my resolve to see her in the next book hardened over Ms. Saare's wonderful ability to keep me guessing. Her plotline is brilliantly complex and the writing is phenomenal. I am without a doubt ready for more of Ms. Saare's special kind of torture in the next installment. Just be prepared for the expected to be continued" that comes with a story that just cannot be contained within two books. It's a small price to pay for an unforgettable story."

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Nocturne Romance Reads review of Dina James' All Wounds

Ali gave this Young Adult novel 4 Hoots.

"James created a very realistic world full of just about every creature you could want and dream of. Vamires, shapeshifters, healers, goblins, fairies, demos hellhounds...I could go on and on with all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) creatures and people in this story...James did a fantastic job with this book and I really look forward to reading the next in teh series. I can tell this will quickly become a favorite."

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My words and pages review of Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad

Melissa wrote:

"Recommendation: Oh yes! Amazing faery tales that could be considered dark fables....Normally I review each story in an anthology individually to give you a feel of what's in the book and what to look forward to. This one is hard to do that with as there are so many stories here. AND what makes it even harder is I found I enjoyed just about all of them!..All in all I really enjoyed these stories. There were 20 stories in total here, and all are very good reads."

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My words and pages review of Frances Pauli's The Fly in Paradise

Melissa wrote:

"Recommendation: Oh yes. LOVED the twist on the fey history here, and the mystery intertwined to bring you to understand the history...Oh dang! I WANT The third book now!! Wonderful story, and one heck of a way to turn the world upside down and inside out...Very good! Very well done!..I soooooo can't wait to get my hands on the third and final book of this trilogy, Spiders from Memory."  

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My words and pages review of Skyla Dawn Cameron's Lineage

Melissa wrote:

"Recommendation: YES! Action packed with a new killer character, and a story that will keep you in on your toes and guessing...Some scenes are so detailed I could easily see this book as a movie. AND as a movie, it would be one the husband would enjoy -- full of action and mystery, oh yeah, a few pretty women too." 

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