Saturday, August 25, 2012

My words and pages review of Dina James' Light in a Dark World

Melissa wrote:

"Recommendation: YES!! Oh yes! You have to meet Kyle (by the end you will be in love with him!), Nikolai and Katrina along with others!..The stories progress in order through time with Nikolai, Katrina, and Kyle along with addtional characters but all tied to at least one of these three characters. Each story drew me in and went by quickly. Each is a complete short story in same world. I enjoyed meeting these people very much, and WANT more of them...Dina has brought me, through these short stories, to love this world and characters. Even love the one I didn't know I would...Kyle. I've never followed short stories like this before, where I got to know the characters so closely this way. Hats off to Dina for creating a world and characters in a magnificent way to love and get so much more from them."

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