Saturday, August 25, 2012

My words and pages review of Colleen Helme's The Relic

Melissa wrote:

"Recommendation: Oh yes. Magic and shadowbeasts are all back! And we learn more about the relic...This second, and final, book picks up exactly where Flame of Destiny  ends. There are brief refreshers, but no retelling of the story, no wasting words on what we already know. Wonderful as I'm excited to get back into the action with Callista and Justin. I love the fast pick up and action along with troubles present and coming to Callista. We see familiar characters from Flame of Destiny along with meeting new. I really like how we were reminded of each individual Shadowbeast in Callista's care. It's done through a meaning to current story. The new characters fall in both categories of ally and enemy. There is constant movement in the story leaving me wondering on the characters, the next attack and from where, suspense of what will happen, and who to trust and not to trust."

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