Friday, November 23, 2012

Hearts on Fire Reviews review of Noah Chinn's Trooper 4

Sean gave this engaging novel 5 Stars! Excellent!

"Love it. Very original book unlike anything I’ve read in the past. It is horror based on the story, not the gore, which is what I enjoyed the most. The mystery of who she was…was different and I was shocked when I found out who she had been the entire time at the near-end of the book. It left me with gasping...I definitely will continue read more of Noah’s book and hopefully the author will write more of “end of the world” stories in future. This author’s creativity is awesome."

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

My words and pages review of Seleste DeLaney's Kiss of Death

Melissa wrote:

"Recommendation: Mmm, Yes, a complicated romance with vampires and action. There is something very special about Jocelyn...I really enjoyed this story and meeting these characters. These characters really stood out to me. So different. And I felt they really blended and clashed in a genuine manner. I really was taken by them all! There is a blend of action and romance here...I do look forward to reading more of Jocelyn, Max (sigh), Chad, and Remy as well. Great combination of characters and personalities. Really enjoyed relaxing with this one, and flipping the pages."

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Long and Short Romance Reviews review of J.A. Saare's The Ripple Effect

Lavender gave this paranormal novel 4 Stars.

"Rhiannon is a great character. She’s strong and can deal with the horrible things thrown at her, but not for one minute does it seem like her enemies might not destroy her...She’s vulnerable, even with her talents...The story has great emotional insights, complex feelings and decisions. Driving suspense makes it intense. There is vivid and piercing material here. It’s not light reading. The scenes are graphic and emotional. A reader will be scared one moment, relieved another, and then frightened or sad the next. There are tender moments as well...There are some sexy scenes in this exciting tale of supernatural adventure, and there’s more to come. This is the third in the series, but the story can stand alone. It’s an enjoyable read; highly recommended for those who love to read about vampires and demons."

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Penumbra Reviews review of D.A. Lascelles' Transitions

The reviewer gave this romantic tale 3 Books.

"Throughout this story D. A. Lascelles artfully uses his skills with words to magically paint images in the reader’s head. Not only do places come into clear focus, but the seasons and atmosphere of the locations are also imbued with a descriptive clarity and realistic essence.  

Written for paranormal romance fans of all ages, Transitions successfully marries modern day and roman Britain by interspersing the memories and history of roman officer Lucius Gaius with the ordinarily mundane lives of two university students...Transitions is a fair read that will keep you occupied, even if only for a day trip away."    

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Night Owl Reviews review of Julie Schriver's Love by Proxy

PaulineMichael gave this paranormal romance 3 Stars.

"Julie Schriver paints a beautiful story with this romantic ghost tale. Gwen is such a sympathetic character but she doesn’t lack gumption...Evan Thorpe is a hero with layers to his personality some that are rather surprising and were fun to discover. The chemistry between these two is exceptional and it was fun to see how Gwen dealt with her unwanted attraction. Rose is a fabulous character and I appreciate how much she evolved from the start of this story to the end. I enjoyed the setting of this story and the descriptions go a long way in explaining why Gwen finds Colorado so peaceful, it has now made it on to my places to visit list."

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Night Owl Reviews review of Seleste DeLaney's Kiss of Death

Missyb0103 gave this paranormal romance 4 Stars.

"...Kiss of Death was a great read. I really liked Jocelyn, the lead character, and who doesn’t love a good love interest or two, or maybe even three!..Ms. DeLaney has a way with intriguing the reader with the interplay of the main characters and the why vampires want Jocelyn. This was a great read and I cannot wait to see where we go next from our cliffhanger. I do recommend readers start out with the prequels listed below and to read this series in order."

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You Gotta Read Reviews review of Brenna Lyons' Monsters of Myth

Gabrielle gave this paranormal novel 4 Stars.

"I enjoyed each short story. As I read each one I was immersed in the world the author created for each monster. Many stories in this book make you shudder and look over your shoulder wondering what lurks in the dark. Others take you into strange and new worlds where things are very different than today.

Although I enjoyed all the stories in this book I do confess that I have a favorite story: Birthright. This is a great retelling of the famous vampire and the famous vampire hunter...I found myself enjoying this new version just as much as I do the original story that it retells.

If you enjoy horror than this is a book for you. Every story stands on its own we are never left wondering what happened, each one tantalizes our imagination and has the reader wondering what if monsters like this do exist."

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Ebook Addict Reviews review of Resa Nelson's The Stone of Darkness

Sasha wrote:

"...I think the story in whole is entertaining."

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My words and pages review of Sarah-Jane Lehoux's Shades of War

Melissa wrote:

"Yes, a fantasy read continuing with Sevy into a warring jungle, where the ghosts of past surface, in more ways than one...This book has the fantasy feel to it. One to lay back and enjoy for the journey Sevy makes, and learns about herself. All the characters come to realizations about themselves and others by the end of this story."

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Long and Short Romance Reviews review of William Greenleaf's The Tartarus Incident

Aloe gave this science fiction novel 4 Stars.

"I’ve had occasion to work with bureaucrats in the past, so it was easy for me to relate to Lars (the dispatcher) and his frustration. I’ve also felt like I was all alone in a new world a few times, so I was rooting for the crew in the pod. Mr. Greenleaf does a very nice job of drawing you into the story and making you care about his characters. His imaginary world seems realistic and dangerous. I’m going to look for more by this author. Why don’t you taste this story and see if it pleases you, too?"

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Sensual Reads review of Skyla Dawn Cameron's "Whiskey Sour"

Candy gave this single-author anthology 4 Stars.

"Skyla Dawn Cameron invents new creatures to keep the reader entertained. The possibilities of a werewolf and faerie mix are endless. The mystery of the creation of Zombie Faeries is left unsolved and begs to be answered. Juliette and Zara are strong independent women who are not afraid to fight for what they want. What does the future hold for Juliette and Zara?"

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The Romance Reviews review of Skyla Dawn Cameron's Exhumed

Victoria Lane gave this paranormal tale 4 Stars.

"EXHUMED by Skyla Dawn Cameron is fast, funny, and furious; at times, your whiplash can mirror that suffered by some of the characters. I loved it. The action and fight scenes were intense, the romance bittersweet, and it left me wanting more...The ending of the book was well done. The immediate issues in the book are resolved, but the characters still have a lot to address in their lives. Sadly, the author's note at the end of the book indicates that while there will be more to this series, there may not be another book focused on Zara and Nate. I would definitely be interested in another book that gives us the story of how things work out for these two in the future, and I will definitely be checking out the other books in this series."

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My words and pages review of Katee Robert's Hunter of the Dead

Melissa wrote:

"Recommendation: Oh Yes! Killer read, with zombies lurking around to hunt along with making the mind wonder why things are happening...I LOVE Eden, she's strong, smart and takes action. I'm curious about where next we will go and learn with the employer and what Alejandro knows and has to share. Oh so much to come! I CAN NOT WAIT!!

Did I mention how much I loved this book? ;)

I say go get this one, for YA and Adults alike, you will enjoy it!"

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Night Owl Reviews review of Judy Bagshaw's Opposite Attraction

PaulineMichael gave this stirring romance 3.5 Stars.

"It’s no secret I love voluptuous heroines and Serena is one fantastic curvy lady! The humor and history in this story takes it beyond charming and I loved how staunch Carter is in his attraction to a woman who disagrees with his philosophies. Their interactions and conversations are amusing and engaging...This would also be a great read for fans of the many paranormal reality-shows on television. I am looking forward to reading more from this author as I love when I make a connection with the characters and I definitely did with this story."

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Fallen Angels Reviews review of Dina James' Light in a Dark World

Dee gave this novel 3 Angels.

"This is one of those books that draws all your attention...I enjoyed this book and I wonder if there will there be another one. I felt as if I was left hanging on so many levels and wonder if I'm going to be left to draw my own conclusion as to what the ending is to so many unanswered questions I have."

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